You can feel through her attitude and her touch that she cares greatly about her clients and as a massage therapist, is invested in their wellbeing.  Through constant professional development in treatment, she is able to introduce new techniques and provide a custom combination to fit my needs at each appointment. - Sarah

I love that I can book sessions at my convenience using your online booking system.You are amazingly reliable. The personalized care you give is exquisite. Your experience with a wide variety of techniques that you integrate to create a highly customized session that my body loves. Then of course the love in your heart that you exude creates an amazing energy that makes the whole experience of the massage and being with you a fabulously healing time. I love experiencing a vacation in an hour with Barbara Miller. - Laura

You’ve got so many different styles to choose from, no massage from you has ever been the same twice. I’m always surprised!!


“Where does it hurt? Lemme take care of that for ya!” - Liv

Massage Space

I’m so glad I found you. Thank you for choosing this profession. - Melissa

Right off the bat, I think your personality can’t be beat.  Your cheerful and sincere concern for people’s ailments are exceptional. You are compassionate, dedicated and caring while focusing on the individual concerns of your client.  I think that is huge. - Cindy

You listen and research. You are thoughtful. You focus on the long term needs for the body. You are willing to try new things. You are a learner. You create a moment in time in which your clients feel safe, cared for and rejuvenated. - Rebekah

If you’ve been looking for a good massage, look no further. Barbara is incredible at what she does. I’ve tried a few different massage therapists in town and Barbara is by far the best. - Siobhan

Why is Barbara special? Her spirit, connection to healing and the client, she sits down and really listens to my concerns, makes eye contact which to me, conveys sincerity of her mission.


What keeps me coming back? My results, massages taylored to me, combination of techniques, feeling of well-being while in her care.


What I  also like: Office hours that work nicely with my schedule, affordability, accessibility of office location.


My results:  massage has helped restore my flexibility and meet my goals of having a more active lifestyle, quality of life.


Love the elephant walk! - Sarah N.

What comes to mind here about how you’re different is: You’re fun, You make it very comfortable, You listen to me and focus on the areas I specific ask, You’re creative with your approach and use all the tools you have to organically address what’s showing up, You’re nurturing . - Jennifer

Barbara is awesome. I strained my back at work and tried going to another massage place in Grossmont center mall. That was a mistake. I found Barbara on Yelp and my BACK Thanks Me! She found the spots that were strained and made me almost fall asleep three times! She even keeps late hours for us people who get off at 6 pm. - Michael

Here is the yelp review I did for you that points to what I LOVE about you…


“Barb gives great massages. She has strong arms and hands and she is also is aware when she needs to give less pressure to an area. I also love the little extra custom touches she puts into the massage time… from creating a lovely space, soothing music, ensuring there’s always water, warm/heated pads to ease tensions while she’s working on other spots, aromatherapy, eye bag while face up, props and pillows to make the whole experience as nurturing and rejuvenating as possible.  And the little chocolate at the end was a very “sweet” touch. Barb’s massages are the perfect way to take time for me and my body loves the results.”

- Laura R.