Trigger Point Therapy, San Diego

Trigger Point Therapy is also referred to as Neuromuscular Therapy. Trigger points are muscle fibers that have become irritated (a knot in the muscle) and are causing a pain loop in the nervous system. This can happen from normal everyday stress or from a trauma to the body. This technique is designed to identify and break up trigger points to eliminate the pain loop and relax your muscles and nervous system so your body can function more optimally.

A tight spot in your back may trigger a pain in your neck. That pain in the neck may cause headaches. Trigger Point Therapy is designed to find that one spot that triggers a “chain reaction” of relief and relaxation through the body. You and I will maintain conversation throughout your session in finding those tight spots, and adjusting the amount of pressure.

I have been formally trained in finding common trigger points and know many techiniques in rooting them out. Book an appointment with me!

I found Barbara on Yelp and my BACK Thanks Me! She found the spots that were strained and made me almost fall asleep three times! She even keeps late hours for us people who get off at 6 pm. - Michael.