Thai Massage, San Diego

Often described as “yoga being done to you”, Traditional Thai Massage is done on the floor with a special mat while Table Thai® Massage is done on the massage table.  The client remains fully clothed while the therapist uses yoga poses to deeply stretch the muscles and open the joints.  It’s a slow, meditative massage that relaxes and energizes the entire body, increases flexibility and promotes the free and unrestricted circulation of Chi or life energy throughout the whole body.

Thai Massage done properly follows the sen (designated lines) in the body. A trained therapist uses their legs and feet to position your body or limbs. Hands are used to fix your body, while feet perform the massaging. A full Thai massage session often lasts two hours, going through rhythmic pressing and stretching of the body. Pulling fingers, toes, cracking knuckles, walking on your back, moving your body through different positions is all part of a traditional Thai Massage.

I am fully trained in Thai Massage. San Diego sees a high demand, and I am ready to serve your needs. After a short adjustment period finding the right rhythm for your body, I move into a full Thai Massage session.  Book an appointment with me!

If you’ve been looking for a good massage, look no further. Barbara is incredible at what she does. I’ve tried a few different massage therapists in town and Barbara is by far the best. - Siobhan