Swedish Massage, San Diego

Swedish massage is done with oil and uses a combination of long flowing strokes, kneading, compression, friction and percussion to induce relaxation, relieve tight, sore muscles, and increases circulation.

As the most common body work modality that people think of, Swedish Massage helps frees toxins trapped in the body and helps blood return to the heart. In addition to relaxation benefits, Swedish Massage has been found to increase white blood cells, reduce stress hormones, and improve oxygen circulation.

Swedish Massage here in San Diego continues to be my top-most requested service.  Book an appointment with me!

Barb gives great massages. She has strong arms and hands and she is also is aware when she needs to give less pressure to an area. I also love the little extra custom touches she puts into the massage time… from creating a lovely space, soothing music, ensuring there’s always water, warm/heated pads to ease tensions while she’s working on other spots, aromatherapy, eye bag while face up, props and pillows to make the whole experience as nurturing and rejuvenating as possible. - Laura R.