Sensory Repatterning, San Diego

Sensory Repatterning is a form of passive joint movement. You will experience rocking, undulating, stretching, cradling and passive joint movements to increase range of motion, as well as gain a sense of expansiveness and openness in your body. This is a gentle, non-invasive technique that relaxes your mind and your muscles. This technique can be offered as a single treatment or integrated with other modalities.

Sensory Repatterning utilizes undulations and slow motion to bring about change in your body. I achieve a quality of feeling in your nervous system to elicit response in the tissue. It’s a fabulous way to unwind, meditate and let go! I use movement-based techniques that are unique to your rhythm, and you might think of it as a dance that puts you at ease.

I completed specialized courses in Sensory Repatterning and include this work in almost all my sessions. Book an appointment with me!

Your experience with a wide variety of techniques that you integrate to create a highly customized session that my body loves. Then of course the love in your heart that you exude creates an amazing energy that makes the whole experience of the massage and being with you a fabulously healing time. I love experiencing a vacation in an hour with Barbara Miller. - Laura.