Lately I’ve been getting A LOT of massage…at least twice as much as I normally do.  I am recovering from a bad muscle strain and the extra massage I have been receiving is part of getting me out of pain and back to 100%.  Under normal circumstances with the amount of stress and muscle aches I experience, getting a 90 minute massage every two or three weeks helps me maintain my health and well-being.

Since April, I have been getting massage almost every week and sometimes 2 or 3 times a week depending on the opportunity.  I also get one or two chiropractic adjustments a week, I stretch daily, and walk a few times a week.   Right now, it’s what is working for me as I recover and I suspect that as I heal more I may taper off the amount of massage I receive and go back to my regular schedule.


What’s the magic number of massages you should be getting?  As a massage therapist, of course I want you to get as much massage as possible.  But in my opinion it’s not my place to tell you how often to schedule.

There are many things to consider when determining how often to get massage.  How active are you?  How much stress are you experiencing?  Do you have any injuries?  What other self-care activities to do?  What is your budget?  What is your goal with massage?

I tell my clients that I believe they should come at least once a month for a maintenance appointment.  It’s a great way to check in with your body, take a break from the stress of  your life, give back to yourself, and determine if there are any potential problem areas developing that may require more attention.

I do believe that twice a month is a great schedule as well.  I find that for myself, that the 2 week mark is a sweet spot for me.  The effects of the previous massage are just starting to wear off and my body is telling me that it would like another please!

I also have clients who do a once a week appointment and I have to say they are typically the happiest clients I have!  Once they start getting them once a week, they notice huge shifts in their mental state and how stressed out they become.  They feel more relaxed and have a greater sense of well-being.

What’s your sweet spot?  Try once a month.  If at the 3 week mark your body can’t wait, bump up your appointment.  There is no tried and true formula.  And it may ebb and flow depending on your lifestyle and circumstances.

The most important thing I believe is to listen….really listen to your body.  Don’t live entirely from the neck up.  Tune into your body and let it tell you what it needs.