Inject a Little Self Care Into Your Day!

I recently found this blog and reposted it on my Back to Life Facebook and Twitter pages. It got me thinking though and I wanted to add a few of my own thoughts. Self-care is one of those ideas that can be challenging. With our busy lives sometimes it’s hard to find even a few minutes to really focus on just yourself. When I make suggestions to my clients I try to make sure that what I suggest fits into their lifestyle and the activities they are already doing. For me it’s easy to do a couple of yoga stretches after each massage session while I wait for my client to get dressed or before the next person arrives. Simple strategies can help you find tiny little pockets of time to inject a little self care into your day. Just pausing and taking a few deep breaths while you sit at a stop light can reset your body. Listening to a good book or podcast or your favorite songs while you drive or get ready in the morning can be relaxing and uplifting. The thing about self care is that it doesn’t have to be this lofty goal of stuff you have to add to your day. Sometimes I have more time to dedicate to self-care but it can also be just as impactful to take a small pause to check in and notice and see if there is anything your mind or body needs just for a moment. So tell me…where can you inject a little self care into your day? Be well!