“Happiness is your job — the brain’s not gonna do that” – Tony Robbins

Whoa! Mind-blown! I really resonated with this video because I have such a busy brain. Just ask my friends how much I worry about all kinds of stuff that I have no control over or no business worrying about! Tony says that our “minds are not designed to make us happy, they are designed to help us survive”. He also reminds us that our brains originally were designed to keep us safe from dangers, like saber tooth tigers. I don’t know who is fighting saber tooth tigers anymore but my mind certainly can make me feel like I am battling a saber tooth tiger every time I wake up. I constantly have to check in with myself to figure out what my mind is making up and what is real in the moment. That little shift can really help calm me down from a full blown anxiety attack. I love that he says to be entertained by the mind and to know that you are more than your mind. He also explains that suffering is optional and that to suffer is to miss the beauty of this moment and the beauty of your life. Not to say that you won’t have a bad day or that every moment of your day will be sunshine and roses but notice what is real and what stories your brain is making up. Great reminders to help find happiness and peace every day.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Tony? How do you quiet your mind when the stories get too loud? Leave your comments below!